• Fourth Grade Curriculum

    Reading – Through the Reader’s Workshop model students will become self-determining learners. This will be accomplished through strategies and skills mini-lessons, guided reading instruction, book club discussions, and independent reading. Students will be responsible to read a variety of genres and texts. Throughout the year students will be expected to read at home daily and be able to navigate through a variety of genres.

    Writing – Students will journey through the Writer's Workshop daily. They will be instructed on author's craft and genre structure.  They will create realistic fiction stories, opinion pieces, essays, and informational books. Students are encouraged to develop their ideas in an organized and fluent manner.  Writing instruction will be based on the development of ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, and convention.  


    Math – The fourth grade math curriculum includes concepts such as number sense and operations, multiplication and division, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Fractions. 


    Social Studies – Students will explore history through the perspective of New York State beginning with the Native Americans through the Industrial Revolution.


    Science – Students will be engaged in hands-on experiences in the following fourth grade units of study: the scientific method, pond life/crayfish, cells, nutrition and digestion, pollination, mystery matter, electricity, and the Solar System.