• Math
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    Math Magician
    Practice all four operations basic facts one fact at a time! This site is excellent for mastering math facts!
    Practice making tens with this fun number bond game.  Many other games available!
    An interactive site for students to improve basic math skills
    Funbrain Math
    Choose from a variety of math activities and games.
    Multiplication Games
    Play games, work on activities, or print up worksheets from this multiplication site.
    Multiplication Quizzes
    Challenge yourself to a multiplication quiz with this link.
    Place Value
    Play these games and practice place value.
    Envisions Math
    This is where you need to go to work on math assignments linked to our Envisions math program.
    Build your fact fluency by progressing through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division! (DUXYMXAA)
    Kids Numbers
    Practice all operations through this website.
    Math Playground
    Play online games or print worksheets at the third grade level on this super-fun math site!
    Test Prep
    Review and practice 3rd grade common core math concepts with this excellent test prep website.
    TFK Brazil
    Learn history, sightseeing, how to speak Portuguese and take a quiz with this TFK resource for kids!
    Fraction Numberline Battleship
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    Systems and Simple Machines Vocabulary
    Practice and study vocabulary from this unit to help you prepare for our unit test!
     Simple Machines Game:
    Social Studies
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    National Geopraphic- Deserts

    Read interesting information, play games, enjoy fun activities, read a story and solve brainteasers on this kid-friendly page about Egypt!
    Desert Quia Site
    Review desert vocabulary with this site to help you study for the unit test!
    All About Brazil
    Discover Brazil with this excellent resource for students!
    National Geographic Brazil
    See pictures and read factual information about Brazil and it's wonderful history and places.
    TFK Brazil
    Learn the history of Brazil, how to speak Portuguese, take a quiz and much more in this educational link!
    Alaska Timeline  
    Rainforest Layers
    Click here to learn more about each layer of the rainforest!
    National Geographic- Rainforests at Night
    Sneak a look at rainforest animals at night. You can move up and down each rainforest layer.
    Polar Regions/Alaska Quia Site
    Practice Polar Regions and Alaska vocabulary from this unit.
    National Geographic Kids- Titanic
    Discover more about the Titanic by playing this game!
    Continents and Oceans Activity  
    Simple Machines:
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    Practice Reading skills by listening, reading and taking a comprehension quiz for each book at your reading level! "lviscomea"
    Family Reading Activities
    Read a short story and complete the activities to follow with your family.
    Aesop's Fables
    This site allows children to read some of Aesop's fables, play games, print worksheets and much more!
    Sports Illustrated for Kids
    This website goes along nicely with our realistic fiction reading unit on baseball. Read additional information, play games and watch videos about sports. Have fun exploring this fun and educational website!
    Sports Illustratred Kids World Series Article
    Read this article to learn more about the 2014 World Series!
    Red-Eyed Tree Frog
    To learn more about the fascinating Red-Eyed Tree Frog, visit this webpage to read and view amazing pictures of this "freaky frog"!
    ELA Test Prep
    Review and practice ELA skills with this excellent test prep resource.
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    Dance Mat
    This site provides entertaining keyboard practice. Note the British accent but still easy to understand. I love this site! Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11 years. Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. Begin at Level 1 and build up skills gradually through to Level 4. Teachers: Be sure to check "About Site" at opening screen for level information.
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    Spelling City  
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    Show off your writing skills with the class! This is a kid-friendly site where you can practice blogging and write on!