• Partners Welcome to the Internship Experience

    "The mission of our internship experience is to develop a foundation
    for career development with the focus on partnerships in the community."


    Benefits for the Student

    • Opportunities to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for successful employment in an occupation area
    • Interactions with role models, who exemplify the values, attitudes, and performance required for success in that field
    • An opportunity to explore educational requirements, current trends, and the career outlook in a specific career pathway

    Benefits for Employers

    • Help create a pool of skilled and motivated potential employees
    • Improve employee retention
    • Reduce training/recruiting costs
    • Enable organizations to develop new projects with student assistance
    • Encourage involvement in the curriculum development process
    • Provide development opportunities for the current workforce
    • Offer opportunities to provide community service
    • Energize the work force
    • Entrench your business in the community

    Benefits for the Community

    • Create an environment of collaboration and cooperation
    • Encourage respect and tolerance between different cultures or groups
    • Build the foundation for more productive economy
    • Demonstrate a community wide commitment to lifelong learning