“Bee” Rules


    1. Follow directions quickly! 

    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    3. Listen when your teacher is talking.

    4. Make smart choices.

    5. Make our dear team stronger.

    6. Keep your eyes on the target.

    5. "Bee" safe, kind and honest.

    During the first week of school, we will spend a significant amount of time developing the students’ understanding of what these rules mean.
    I believe students thrive on positive recognition and praise. I will work hard to create an environment of friendship and respect in my classroom. I will teach students that life is about choices making good choices.  If your child has difficulty making good choices or if problems occur at school, I will let you know. 

    Our behavior system is titled “How’s My Flying?” We will discuss how bees live together in a community, called a hive.  Bees have to work together to produce honey and survive.  Our classroom is similar to a hive, where everyone must work together to grow and learn.  We will use a clip chart system.  The clip chart consists of a chart that has been divided into levels. All of the children start the day on Ready to Learn. Then, during the course of the day, the children move their clothespins up or down the chart, based on the behavioral choices they make. If they are making good choices, they can move their clothespin up a level at a time. Inappropriate behavior would cause them to move down a level. Since the children start in the middle of the chart, they have numerous opportunities to work their way up the chart. This really helps the children realize that they have to have self-control and be responsible for their actions and behavior if they want to be recognized for making good choices. The children quickly realize how they must conduct themselves in order to achieve this goal. 

     Mrs. Vasi will also be handing out B.U.G. (Being-Unusually-Good) tickets during the day. You can earn tickets for things like following directions, remaing near the top of our class clip chart, following procedures, receiving compliments, making good choices, bringing your BEE folder to school every day, and many other things! Write your name on your tickets and put them in the bin. On Friday, Mrs. Vasi will choose 5 tickets and those students can visit the prize box for a prize!!