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    King and Queen Bee- Each week a student will be selected as the King Bee or Queen Bee.

    During the week before a child is Queen or King Bee, he/she will take home the Bee bag.  Students will have a week to collect about 4-5 items that are special and bring back to share with the class on Monday. Also, each child is encouraged to bring pictures from their life so we can put them on the King/Queen Bee board. I love doing this! Also, inside there is a booklet for families to assist their child with filling out information about their child.  


                              Bee-tacular Weekly Events!


    *Monday: The queen/king bee will share his/her

    All About Me poster. 


    *Tuesday: The student will decorate a crown and have their picture taken on the royal throne.


    *Wednesday: The King/Queen bee shares his or her special items. 

    *Thursday: The King/Queen bee brings in a favorite book to read to the class.

    *Friday:  Each child will be presented with a special poster.