What is a B.E.E. Folder?

     A B.E.E. Folder is our special take home folder that each student receives at the beginning of the school year. 
    It stands for Bring Everything Everyday.  It is a tool to help develop organizational skills and responsibility. 
    Every morning we will go through the B.E.E. folder as a class. 


    In second grade, we will give students and parents feedback about progress through daily work, assessments and report cards.  Students will not receive letter grades but will receive comments and occasionally "points" on their daily work.                          


    Homework is an important part of the learning process.  Homework is intended to be a review of classwork, prepares students for upcoming lessons, and begins to install a sense of responsibility in each child.  Please remember second graders should only be doing about 15 - 30 minutes of homework a night.  This includes reading about 15 minutes a night. 

    Homework will be assigned usually Mondays through Thursday.  Students will be copying their daily homework in an assignment book entitled "Homework from the Hive".  Students will be required to keep a daily assignment notebook.  All assignments will be written in the notebook each day.  Students should review their daily assignments with their parents upon completion of each activity.  After it is checked for accuracy and neatness, it should be checked off in the assignment notebook and put in the take home folder (bee folder) to be returned to school. 


                                                               Assignment Books

    Everyday you will bring home an assignment notebook that lets your family know what we did at school, any work that needs to be finished and any other information about school.  Your job is to show it to Mom or Dad every night and return it the next day.