• Homework Tips 

    Set up a study area.
    * To do homework successfully, your child must have a place in which to work. The study area must be well-lit, quiet, and have all necessary supplies.
    * Help your child choose a location at home in which homework will be done.
    * Even if your child does most homework at another location after school, there still should be a place in the home in which he or she can study.
    * Remember that your child does not need a lot of space to do home learning. Either the kitchen table or a corner of the living room is fine, as long as is quiet during homework time.
    * Praise your child when he or she does homework in the study area.

    Create a homework survival kit.
    * In order to get homework done, have the supplies needed in one place. Kit should include: pencils, writing paper, crayons, markers, ruler, sharpener, eraser, glue, tape, scissors, paper clips, children's dictionary/thesaurus, and construction paper). You may add items you feel are needed.
    * A homework survival kit (contains all the supplies needed to do home learning) will prevent your child from being distracted by the need to go searching for supplies, and will free you from last minute trips to the store.
    * Respect your child's homework survival kit. Don't use these supplies for other family needs.

    Schedule daily homework time.
    * Help your child develop good homework habits by encouraging him or her to start homework at the same time each day. By scheduling a special time for homework, you will not only help your child get work done on time, but you will also ensure that homework is done at a time when you are available to assist your child.
    * Remind your child each day when he or she is to do homework. Don't leave it up to your child to remember.

    Motivate your child with praise.
    * Children need encouragement and support from the people whose opinions they value the most, their parents.
    * Your consistent praise can increase your child's self esteem and confidence.
    * Motive him or her to do the best work possible.

    Special Thank You To......... Ms. Melendez!