•  Ideas for reading with my child at home...

    How Can I Help My Child Read At Home?


    What a great question!  The best answer is - TRY TO READ EVERYDAY WITH YOUR CHILD!  Here are some
    other suggestions that may help you during your reading. 

    What to prompt when your child gets stuck:
    1. Say, "What can you try to figure out that word?"  Your child should:
                   *Re-read and think about the story (prompt them if they don't) - what word would fit there?
                   *See if something in the picture can help them, then reread. 

                   *Re-read and sound out the first sound of the tricky work - this often results in the correct prediction "popping out of their mouths". 

    2. If your child tries all of the above without getting the tricky part: Say "Do you know something about that word that can help you?" 
    Your child will often find a part in the whole word that they know that can help them get meaning back into the reading.

    3. What to prompt when your child makes an error:
                 *If they jump to another line, say, "Were you right?  Check it with your finger."
                 *If they say the wrong word - try the prompts in the section above.