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Athletic Placement Process (APP)

APP Information:

The Athletic Placement Process is a testing procedure to ensure that 7th and 8th-grade students who want to try out for a freshman, junior varsity or varsity sport are at the physical, emotional and academic maturity level required of higher-level competition. This process is not required for Rifle, Bowling or Golf. This process is meant for exceptional athletes who require a more competitive level for their growth as a student-athlete. Their academic and emotional readiness is a significant factor in this process. 

Once a student is cleared to try out by passing the fitness test, medical clearance and administrative approval, there are further criteria. In order for a student to make a high school team as a middle schooler, they must be seen as a potential starter or significant contributor of 50% or more playing time at that level. Therefore, coaches' recommendations are preferred because they most likely have a better understanding of who might make the playing time criteria. If a student passes the APP clearance but is not selected for the high school team, they will have an opportunity to try out for the modified level. That tryout will be given sometime after a team has already been selected at the modified level and the player would need to rank better in the selection criteria than the last person selected on the modified team.

The Process:

1. Register on the APP Registration Link on the website to begin the process. (this is different from sports registration) 

2. Parent/Guardian Permission - See the form below must be filled out and brought to the athletic office.

3Medical Clearance - This is determined by the district medical director. This is required before the student-athlete is allowed to take the fitness test. Once the school is notified of the request to try out, the school will notify the medical director using the physical on file at the middle school.

3. Administrative approval  - The Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics will seek approval from middle school administrators regarding the student-athletes emotional and academic readiness, as well as from the a coach or physical education teacher.

5. Physical Fitness Test - Student-Athletes must pass 4 out of the 5 required test. The test cannot be taken without medical clearance and the parent permission slip. Testing will be done at CHS.

6. Qualification Determination is made by the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics - if a student-athlete qualifies they may try out

7. Tryout for the sport if they are determined eligible.

8. Records - are kept by the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

9. Notification - a notification is sent to the league and other schools all students that will be playing up.

 ----MUST COMPLETE the Permission Slip below and Register---


(for any 7th or 8th-grade students that are recommended to be playing a high school level sport)