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Online Sports Registration Information

EVERY ATHLETE MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL ON FILE that is no more than 1 year from the 1st day of the month that season begins. There are no Exception to this NYSED RULE.

TRANSFERS - If you have transferred from another school within the year, you must file paperwork through our office and in turn through Section 6. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of the team.

APP (See the Athletic Placement Tab if you have a 7th or 8th grader interested in playing on a High School Level team)


Parents sign onto their Parent Portal account(it cannot be a student's account) and click the “Sports Registration” tab on the left side of this page. There is information below about how to get a parent portal account if you do not have one or forgot your password. There are 7 steps to the online registration.

Step 1   Consent Form and Contract - This page contains general information about the levels of play, concussion management, valid physicals etc. Parents must scroll to the bottom of the page before they can click the box indicating that they have read the page.

Step 2 Concussion Information - This page contains detailed information about concussions. Again, parents must click they have read this before moving on to step 3.

Step 3   Sport Selection and Level of Play -   Parents select the sport and level of play. These options will be adjusted for the gender of the athlete and season of play.

Step 4   Pre-Participation Evaluation- Parents answer 8 health questions and are required to add additional information if they answered “yes” to any question.  All questions must be answered before moving on to step 5.  

Step 5   Interval Health History - Parents answer 9 health questions and are required to add additional information if they answer “yes” to any question. All questions must be answered before moving on to step 6      

Step 6 Agreement and Consent - Parents are required to acknowledge the following: that they are responsible for all equipment and uniforms, that the district doesn’t provide health insurance, and that they have read the concussion information and a variety of other items.

Step 7 Athletic Agreement and Consent Signature Form – When parents click the submit button after completing step 6, a printable Athletic Agreement and Signature Form opens up and parents can print this form. Parents and athletes are required to sign it. All players are required to turn in a signed copy of this to their coach before they can participate in any practice. These are available in the Athletic office for any player who doesn’t have access to a printer.       

If a parent doesn’t have a parent portal account, they must contact their school Guidance Office. We realize this is a difficult time and office hours in the Guidance Office are limited. We will work with parents and students to be sure that any student who wants to try out for a sport will be able to get registered.

HS- Michelle Cole in the Guidance Office 407-9030

MS- 7th Grade parents - Dahlia O'Brien 407-9200 extension 7 

 8th Grade parents - Denise Englert 407-9200 extension 8 

They will give parents a password to get started.

Parent Portal is how parents check grades and get schedules.