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The Clarence Board of Education is a corporate body which oversees and manages public school district affairs, personnel, and properties. It operates under the guidelines set forth by the Education Laws of the State of New York and the State Board of Regents. It is the official policy-making body of the school district. Decisions are rendered only when members are formally assembled at a properly convened meeting.

The School Board has the authority and duty to adopt policies, rules, and bylaws in order to meet its responsibilities and to secure the best educational results for the students within its charge. As elected officials, board members represent the public in:

  • defining the philosophy of the district;
  • setting goals and objectives;
  • employing professional educators;
  • establishing policies for the operation of the district;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of programs and services;
  • developing a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources;
  • communicating the needs and progress of the district to the community.
The Clarence Board of Education is composed of seven members who serve without pay for a period of three years. Elections are held on the third Tuesday in May in conjunction with the annual budget vote. To qualify for membership on the school board, an individual must be a qualified voter of the District; a District resident for at least one year prior to the election; and a United States citizen.
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