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Food Service Account Procedures

All students enrolled at Clarence Schools are given a student ID number. This number
does not change and remains with the student until they leave the district. All food
purchases are rung through our computerized system and tracked utilizing this number.

At Clarence, we believe that no student should ever go hungry therefore a student will
never be denied a meal. However, snacks and a la carte items cannot be charged if the
account has a significant negative balance.

Payments to the student’s meal account may be sent to the school or food service office
in the form of cash or a check payable to Clarence Schools. Payments may be made
online by credit card at For assistance with your MySchoolBucks
account please call 1-855-832-5226.

Collection Procedure
Once the student’s account reaches a negative balance, our system will automatically
generate and send a letter to the parent/guardian even with the smallest negative
balance owed and a subsequent phone call will be made to collect the debt or
determine free and reduced eligibility.

New York State and the federal government has a direct certification process for free
and reduced meals in addition to the application process. Once approved through
either process the District will cover the charges built up during any interim period.  

If an account balance reaches a negative $100.00 the principal of the student’s school
will be notified to assist with collection of the debt.

All negative balances must be paid by June 30th each year.

Please contact the Food Service Office at (716) 407-9096 with any questions.