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Lice Protocol and Procedure

Any student found to have a case of head lice or nits will be sent to the health office to be re-checked by the school nurse to confirm the presence of head lice.

The child will remain in the health office until the parent can come to school to pick the child up. Under no circumstances will the student be sent home on the bus.

When the parent or other adult arrives to pick the child up, they will be offered information about head lice and the care and treatment of head lice.

The nurse will inform the parent/adult about the school’s policy for return to school.

A general letter will be sent home to the classroom affected.

Once a student is identified with having lice, other siblings in the district will be screened.

Students, who have been sent home with lice, must return to school through the health office. They must report to the health office accompanied by an adult, to be examined by the nurse.


Helpful Tips to Prevent Head Lice