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AT apps for iOS

Using Google Drive on iOS

Is your student starting work at school on Google Drive, and then needs to finish at home?  You can use Google Docs and Sheets on your iPad or iPhone as well.  Directions in the link.

Notetaking App

Notability is a great to keep kids paper free.  Take pictures of the homework on the board, organize your notes into binders, or use it like a LiveScribe Pen with the recording feature (with teacher permission).  

Make Text Accessible

VoiceDream Reader is a text to speech reading tool for iOS that a student can download their iBooks, use Gutenberg, or have materials read to them from a variety of cloud storage options (Google Drive, Evernote, etc.)  One can change the background color (if you need color filters), and change the text size, style, and spacing.  One of my favorites!

Make Worksheets Accessible

SnapType for OTs and SnapType Pro allows students to take a picture of a worksheet and type on it.  Great for kids with handwriting issues.

Great Resource for Researching Apps

Don't have the time to look up decent apps?  Sick of downloading free or low cost apps only to be disappointed?  Use this site designed by Easter Seals.  They have already done all the work for you.