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Budget Calendar

December 1 Annual Budget Justification Hearings from all Buildings & Departments begin 
  1 Capital requests returned to the Business Office
  11 Regular BOE Meeting
  20 Buildings & Grounds and Transportation budget must be finalized
January 15 Administrative team submits final budget requests to Business Office
  22 Regular BOE Meeting - First Budget Study Session
February 12 Regular BOE Meeting - Second Budget Study Session
  15 NYS Commissioner of Taxation & Finance completes the tax base growth factor
March 1 Submit Tax Levy Limit Calculation online to NYS Comptrollers Office
  18 Regular BOE Meeting - Third Budget Study Session
  18 Set Vote date - 5/21, Budget Hearing date - 5/13
  18 Designate Chairman of Meeting and Vote Inspectors
  18 Proposition / Publication deadline - 3/31, 4/12, 4/19, 5/3
  18 Get ready first publication date for Legal Notice of Budget Vote & Hearing
April 16 Regular BOE Meeting - Budget Adoption
  16 Erie 1 BOCES Budget Vote and Election
  22 Deadline for Candidates Petitions for BOE - Signatures
  22 Candidates first Expenditure Disclosure Statement is due
  22 Deadline for submission of Petitions for Propositions or other items to be included
  29 Must submit Property Tax Report Card to SED 
  29 Budget must be available to voters at least 7 days prior to hearing & 14 days before vote
  29 Newsletter to be mailed (approximate date)
May 13 Regular BOE Meeting - Budget Hearing
  14 Mail Budget Notification to all voters
  14 PTO may decide to do a Candidates Forum 
  16 Candidates second Expenditure Disclosure Statement is due
  21 Annual Election & Budget Vote at High School  7 AM - 9 PM