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    noun: excessive appetite
    After a Christmas period generally spent lying down, motionless and swollen, it was time to get back to a life of squats, lunges and sub-9,000 calorie days. Before letting go of my acquired gulosity completely, I decided to indulge in one last meal of excess.
    Today in History
    1908 The Sullivan Ordinance bars women from smoking in public facilities in the United States.
    1937 Charles Lindbergh arrives in New York, setting a cross country flying record of 14.75 hours.
    1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated for his fourth term.
    1977 President Jimmy Carter is sworn in and then surprises the nation as he walks from the U.S. Capitol to the White House.
    1981 Ronald Reagan is sworn in as president at the same time 52 American hostages are released from their captors in Tehran, Iran.