• Senior College Presentation

    The following presentations were open to all seniors and were given on September 26th. The PowerPoint gives a brief overview of the steps seniors should take to apply to college over the next few months. Seniors should be aware of the colleges' application deadlines. In general, seniors are encouraged to complete their applications around Thanksgiving. Students must see their counselor (in-person or virtually) before application materials can be sent from the school. Email Counseling@clarenceschools.org to make an appointment with your counselor.


  • FERPA and the Common Application

    In order for you to send your Common Application (CA), you must first read and sign the
    FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
    agreement. This link will walk you through the steps for doing this.

    FERPA and the Common Application

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • The NACAC Guide to College Admission

    The National Associatin of College Admissions Counselors is a fantastic organizatin of high school, college admissions and independent counselors dedicated to helping students make informed decisions about post-secondary education. The link below is a comprehensive guide to the admissions process.

    The NACAC Guide to College Admission

  • Don't Do Anything That Can Kill You: Yet Another College Guide

    Scott White is a very well respected member of the college admissions community. His ebook tries to give much needed perspective on what can be a stressful process and then gives extensive appendices on everything from NCAA recruiting practices to lists of colleges with hard to find majors.

    Don't Do Anything That Can Kill You: Yet Another College Guide

  • Getting In

    "Getting In" is a podcast that followed a diverse group of high school seniors during the 2015-2016 application cycle. It explored a wide range of topics and is an excellent resource for students and parents.

    "Getting In" podcast