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    Mr. Robert Michel, Grade 6 House Principal Robert O. Michel, Jr., Grade 6 House Principal
    Robert Michel
    6th Grade House Principal
    Mrs. Christine Tudor, Guidance Counselor
    Mrs. Kelly Sears, Secretary
    House Office: 407-9210
    Fax Number:  407-9241
    Attendance: 407-9209
    Health Office: 407-9223 
    It is hard to believe that the year is half over.  It is amazing to see how much our students have grown both physically and emotionally in such a short time. CMS will be a very busy place for sixth grade students as we enter the second semester. It is another adjustment our students go through.  Last year, grade five students experienced special events as their time in elementary came to a close. This year they will prepare for final exams for the first time. One important process we begin is course selections for grade seven.  Mrs. Tudor has met with students to explain the courses available for students next year.  We offer advanced science and math at the seventh grade level. Instruction is rigorous and fast-paced as we prepare students to take high school course work in grade eight. If you are unsure which level is appropriate for your child, please consult with your child’s current teacher. Students will also select their first and second choice of foreign language. They will have Latin, French and Spanish to choose from. After the group presentations, your child will have additional documents to share with you.

    Middle school is a wonderful and truly crazy time for both students and parents as we continue to move them from childhood to adulthood.  Keeping a balance of when to support and when to let go as challenges present themselves is always a delicate one. Please contact me or Mrs. Tudor if we can assist your family in any way.

    If you have any questions, please contact me in the house office at 407-9210 or by email at rmichel@clarenceschools.org.