Mr. Robert Moore, Grade 8 House Principal
    Mrs. Kara Elvin, Guidance Counselor
    Mrs. Denise Englert, Secretary
    House Office:         407-9205
    House Office Fax:  407-9239
    Attendance:           407-9209
    Health Office:         407-9223 
    Robert E. Moore, Grade 8 House Principal
           Robert Moore
                 8th Grade House

    As we approach the end of the third quarter, we enter a period of potential trouble called the “Eighth Grade Slide.” This is akin to the “senior slide” that occurs at the high school. Some 8th graders mistakenly believe that they no longer need to exert the same level of effort they have in the past because their days are numbered at the middle school. Please encourage your children to do their best work until the very end of the year. This will help them maintain the habits of mind they will need as they enter high school where the work will be much more demanding.

    Please review the final exam letter that was recently sent home and note final exams will be held from June 17-21, 2019 (this information can also be found on our website).  It is very important for students to be in attendance on these dates.  Please make end of the school year vacation plans accordingly.

    We have some very exciting events coming up at the end of May exclusively for the 8th grade students of CMS.  The 8th grade picnic will be held on Thursday, May 30, followed by the 8th grade dance on Friday, May 31.  As a result of these special 8th grade-only activities, CMS does not have an 8th grade graduation.

    Please feel free to contact me or Mr. Fox with any questions or concerns at 407-9205 or email rmoore@clarenceschools.org, dfox@clarenceschools.org.