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    This website along with the class Schoology page, are designed to help students and parents stay informed about what is going on in class. There are many resources throughout to help students be successful. 

    Sixth Grade Math

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    Course Description

    The sixth grade math course is the beginning of a formal approach to solving math problems. The emphasis is not on the answer to a math problem, rather the steps to reach the solution. Operational competency continues to be taught with a focus on fraction operations. Other topics include geometry, proportional reasoning, algebra-readiness concepts, and statistics. Topics are closely aligned with the sixth grade NYS curriculum that can be found at EngageNY. All sixth graders will take the Sixth Grade New York State Assessment given May 1-3, 2018. In addition, students will take a quarterly assessment at the end of 10 weeks, a cumulative midterm at the end of 20 weeks, and a cumulative final exam at the end of the year.

    Here are some questions to consider:

    • Does your child know their multiplication facts through 12's? 
    • Can he/she divide with two and three-digit divisors? 
    • Does he/she understand the difference between a fraction and a whole number? A decimal and a whole number?  
    Review of these skills should be part of their study routine at home until proficiency is achieved

    Study halls are a good opportunity for your child to get help from a teacher with topics currently being studied in math class. The learning center is also available to students for additional help.

    Extra Help

    Extra help is available for all students from the following sources:

    • Learning Center (part of the Library)
      • Before school (8:00 AM) - there are math teachers that staff the LC in the morning daily. It is advised to arrive no later than 7:45 to ensure a spot. 
      • During school - students may go to the LC during study halls, a teacher is there each period.
      • After school Monday through Thursday - a math teacher is available daily to assist students. A late bus is available to take students home at 4:40.
    • Math Help Lunch Table - Mrs. Zeiger helps students in the North Cafeteria Math Table
    • Success Lunch: rotates between different teachers Monday through Thursday.
    • Meet with Mr. Cary by appointment, subject to availability
    • A list of recommended outside tutors is available through the counseling office
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