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    TEACHER: Mrs. Victoria Curtin

    PHONE: 716-407-9150
    EMAIL: vcurtin@clarenceschools.org

    About the Teacher: 


            Hello. My name is Mrs. Victoria Curtin, and I will be one of your fourth grade teachers this year.  I have been teaching at Clarence Center Elementary School for twenty-one years. I taught second grade for one year and the remainder of my experience has been in fourth grade.  

            I am married and the mother of three children, Lauren and Patrick are 15 and Matthew is age 13. My experience with raising my children has vastly enriched and strengthened my teaching career and each and every school day is a unique, enjoyable, and memorable event for me.

           I hope to make a lasting difference in the lives of the children I teach, as well as learning new and exciting things from them. My philosophy of mutual respect between parent, teacher and child provides the groundwork for a successful learning experience for me as well as my students.

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