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    TEACHER: Mark Layer                                                        

    PHONE: 716-407-9150 ext.3112
    EMAIL: mlayer2@clarenceschools.org

    Good Morning Clarence Center! Today is Thursday, April 9.  Today's activity is listed below.  Remember to check the At Home Fitness Calendar.  It has today's fitness activity.  You can check that each day and it will always be something different.  Try and complete the Calendar Activity and the Activity I list each day for you.  It will help keep you healthy!!!!!
    Good Morning Everyone!!  Always let an adult in your house know your activity plan for the day.  Always do the activities in a safe way and be careful.  
    For today's activity, try the Fitness Coloring Link on the left hand side of the page.  Have Fun!!
    Friday April 10 - Sunday April 19th the only assignment is the Fitness Calendar.  Have fun.  If the weather is nice, then play outside every day.
    I miss you!!
    Mr. Layer
    Hello Clarence Center Parents and Students!  I will be using my Teacher Webpage to provide activities and continuing physical education while we are off from school.  The links on the left of the page will take you to different videos and sites that can be used for fun, fitness and exercise. I also have a DAILY CALENDAR that lists some fitness activities that the students are familiar with. I will update my Website daily with new activities, and they will appear at the top of the link column.
    I encourage you to keep a "Fitness and Activity Log" to turn into me upon your return to school.  This is a great way to keep track of what you have done!  I have lots of Sports Cards to hand out!!
    At the Primary level, our focus is on Movement and Skills (run, jump, hop right foot, hop left foot, gallop right foot lead, gallop left foot lead, skipping, throwing, catching, kicking and striking)
    These may be activities that you can safely practice.
    At the Intermendiate level, our focus is fitness and skill development. We may be assessing activities such as the 50m dash, 100m Dash, 50m Hurdles, Long Jump, Softball Throw and others when we return.  These may be activities that you can safely practice.
    Have Fun with these activities! Everyone stay on "Starlight", I'll see you soon.
    Mr. Layer
    I can be reached at anytime by my email - mlayer2@clarenceschools.org
    Welcome to my Physical Education Website.  My name is Mark Layer.  I have been a teacher in the Clarence Central School District since 1987.  I have taught at all grade levels.  I was the Varsity Women's Basketball coach for 19 years until I retired in 2010.  I was the JV Football coach for 24 years before becoming the varsity football head coach in 2011.  I retired from all coaching in 2018. I am a 1980 graduate of Clarence High School.  I live in Clarence Center with my wife Michelle who also teaches 5th grade at Clarence Center and my two children Kevin and Katie who are also graduates of Clarence High School. 
    Clarence Center Physical Education
    Grades K-1-2: will be assessed in Running, Jumping, Hopping, Galloping, Skipping, Throwing, Catching, Kicking and Striking 
    Grades 3-4-5: will be assessed in Fitness Activities PACER, Push Ups, Sit Ups, V-Sit Stretch and Trunk Lift as well as 50 Meter Dash, Endurance Run, Softball Throw, 30 second Basketball Shoot and 30 second Jump Rope
    This wide variety of assessment allows us to make valid assessment of each student.  District and National standards for these assessment items can be found on this website. 
    You can click on the link Clarence Center Fitness Activities to workout at home.  You can challenge yourself by choosing Level 1,2 or 3