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    TEACHER: Mark Layer                                                        

    PHONE: 716-407-9150 ext.3112
    EMAIL: mlayer2@clarenceschools.org
    Mr. Layer's Physical Education Class information and instruction will now be housed in Schoology.  This will be for both in person and remote learners for the 2021-22 school year.
    I have been a teacher in the Clarence School district for 36 years.  I coached football and girls basketball at Clarence High School.  I live in Clarence.  I attended the Clarence School system K-12.   My wife teaches 5th grade at Clarence Center.  My daughter teachers 3rd Grade at Ledgeview and my son is a Mechanical Engineer.  
     Click on the Schoolgy Link Below to Preview My Schoology Main Page.  Students have classroom links to the live PE Schoology Page.
    At the Primary level 
    Focus is on Movement and Skills (run, jump, hop right foot, hop left foot, gallop right foot lead, gallop left foot lead, skipping, throwing, catching, kicking and striking)
    These may be activities that you can safely practice.
    At the Intermendiate level
    Focus is fitness and skill development. We may be assessing activities such as the 50m dash, 100m Dash, 50m Hurdles, Long Jump, Softball Throw and others when we return.  These may be activities that you can safely practice.
    Clarence Center Physical Education
    Grades K-1-2: will be assessed in Running, Jumping, Hopping, Galloping, Skipping, Throwing, Catching, Kicking and Striking 
    Grades 3-4-5: will be assessed in Fitness Activities PACER, Push Ups, Sit Ups, V-Sit Stretch and Trunk Lift as well as 50 Meter Dash, Endurance Run, Softball Throw, 30 second Basketball Shoot and 30 second Jump Rope
    This wide variety of assessment allows us to make valid assessment of each student.  District and National standards for these assessment items can be found on this website.