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    TEACHER: Ms. Sherry Perry
    PHONE: 716-407-9175 or 716-430-3111
    EMAIL: sperry@clarenceschools.org

    About the Teacher:  I have been a third or fourth grade teacher in the Clarence Central School District since 2005.  I began my career by teaching third grade in Forest Heights, Maryland (Prince George's County) in 1995, upon completing a teacher exchange program in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom, where I taught kindergarten.  After that exciting start, I moved from Maryland to Long Island, where I was fortunate to teach third grade in East Williston, New York at the wonderful North Side School.  Since my return back home to Buffalo, I have been a part of the AMAZING Harris Hill family.  I received my undergraduate degree Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Fredonia and my Masters degree from Adelphi University in the "Big Apple".  It is in Special Education, specifically learning disabilities in school aged learners.  I love teaching children!  It is my passion!  I also enjoy being the mother of two boys and two furry babies, a yellow lab and a calico cat, Pumpkin and Sparkles.  
     *COVID-19 Class Update*
     Students in Mrs. Perry's third grade class should have a yellow folder inside of their bookbags.  In the folder, you will find a large paper math packet to complete work in, along with passwords for Reflex math, IxL Math, and Readworks.  I am adding Epic to this list, as Readworks is going to simply be enrichment should you wish to do more than what is expected.  The Epic login is as follows: 1. go to getepic.com 2. click student login 3. type in classcode tai4906 4. select profile and then begin reading.  There is NOTHING for our class to pick up at Harris Hill.  We are all set!
    All Harris Hill 3rd graders will be working on the same math packet and the same Reflex, IxL, and Epic sites at their own paces and levels.  Please contact me if you do not have your log in information for any of the sites.
    Anything else inside the folder is OPTIONAL work at this time.  The 2 Scholastic News papers are there to read first,  and then do the tasks thoroughout the News as well as the activities on the last page.  The 3 small white sheets with reading skills can be done IF you wish to do so.
    The links below can help to access these sites quickly and easily.  If you do not have a device that allows you to access these sites, please email me and I will do my best to help you to obtain one as soon as possible.  Reflex goal for the day should be to earn a green light.  Prodigy should be 10 minutes a day as well.  IxL can be up to you.  I assigned a chapter book called The Chocolate Touch on Epic.  Strive for 2 chapters of that a day and then read another book for pleasure that you select.  Ideally you should read for 30 minutes a day.  Do 2 pages a day from the math packet.  Contact me with any questions.  I will collect this when we return.
    Reach out to me at any time if you feel the need.  I can be reached at 716-430-3111.  Please never hesitate to contact me.  I am going to miss those smiles for now!  
    If you would like an after lunch read aloud, like we enjoy together each day after lunch, the voice of Olaf (Mr. Josh Gad) is reading a great story here!  His voices are AWESOME!


    A daily plan for your child may look something like this:

    1. Reflex math until a green light is reached
    2. Read on Epic for 20 to 30 minutes
    3. White paper math packet 2 pages
    4. Take a break for 15 minutes!  Have a healthy snack and/or do some jumping jacks, etc.
    5. Prodigy for 10 minutes minimum
    6. IXL 2 math sets…more options here will be coming in the future
    7. Optional Readworks or read aloud link on our class website (to listen to a story) or audible free book for 15-20 minutes
    8. Outdoor recess (weather permitting)
    9. FREE TIME/PLAY TIME to be bored and creative 😊

    This is an awesome thing to do for all of our Elephant and Piggy fans...or Pigeon fans too!


     Wow! Check this Out!

    Author Kate Messner has created a page on her website with tons of author read alouds, writing advice and drawing lessons by illustrators.  This is so packed with great stuff to explore and do. Please take a look!



    Attention Fans of Wonder by R.J. Palacio!

    Starting Wednesday (March 25), R.J. Palacio will be reading aloud her book Wonder every weekday from 12:00-12:45 pm on Twitter Live at #WONDERreadaloud   Great lunchtime entertainment!