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    Mr. Grabowski's Physical Education Page
    Welcome to Elementary Physical Education at Ledgeview! 

    The Elementary Physical Education Program includes a variety of activities, games, and modified sports. In addition, special events may include:

    • Clarence One-Mile Fun Run and Wellness Walk
    • After School Programs
    • Ledgeview SkyZone Night
    • Jack Hesslink All-Elementary Track Meet
    • Fun Days

    Instruction for primary students (grades K-2) focuses on the acquisition and development of gross and fine motor skills. Basic locomotor skills and throwing, catching, kicking, and striking are emphasized. Developing social skills in a safe learning environment is also emphasized. In addition, sport-related drills and activities, and low-organized games provide opportunities for children to begin to use basic skills during activities.  

    Instruction for intermediate students (grades 3-5) focuses on transferring basic skills into sport-related drills, games, and modified sports. Emphasis is placed on working safely with others in both competitive (sports) and cooperative ("project adventure"-based group initiative) activities.