logo TEACHER: Mrs. Monica Topol
    PHONE: 716-407-9275
    EMAIL: mtopol@clarenceschools.org

    Welcome to Our Second Grade Classroom!
    I look forward to our year together, I know it will be a sensational journey filled with many discoveries and adventures.

    It is my dream that each day fills your mind with new knowledge, and your spirit with joy as you become part of our terrific classroom.  I am so excited about spending the year with you.  It is always amazing to watch you blossom like the springtime flowers as you learn and grow.

    The friendships that you form and the lessons that you learn will help you soar through life’s journey as you seek your dreams and find your path. I know that you will find second grade a place to call home, a place where you will create and savor the small moments, ones you will turn into memories that will soon become precious treasures inside your heart! Together we will soar in second grade!

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