• logo TEACHER: Jadine Zadvorney

    PHONE: 716-407-9250  ext.5312
    EMAIL: jzadvorney@clarenceschools.org

    About the Teacher:  Hello! I am Ms. Zadvorney and have enjoyed being the art teacher here at Sheridan Hill since September 1988! I am one of the original teachers who started here when the school reopened that Fall, but most of you wouldn't remember that day as you weren't born yet!  My passion for teaching is centered around the whole child learning through my love for art, a sense of humor and respect for each child's needs.    

       There is always something going on inside my classroom.  You'll have to be careful of projects waiting to dry and children busy with producing artwork.  There are plenty of shelves full of animal and art history books, paints and other art supplies, projects waiting to go on display, and artifacts from my many walks in nature.  It is very evident how much science and nature affect my artwork, teaching and life.


       I choose to seek out the positive aspects of life and encourage all my students to take on the same attitude.