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     ABOUT the TEACHER:  I have been teaching for 18 years and have enjoyed teaching Kindergarten through Grade 6. I especially love the Fifth Grade curriculum and students. My email is cesposito@clarenceschools.org and the school phone number is 716-407-9250 (ext 5309).


     Welcome to Fifth Grade!

    Fifth Grade Subject Areas:



    • Expose students to different reading genres through the Reader's Workshop format
    • Learn various skills and strategies to help improve our reading
    • Utilize a variety of reading materials to help students gain a greater understanding of subject content
    • Record reading in daily log
    • Reading Responses


    • Consume, critique, and produce a variety of writing genres (reading responses, narratives, essays, persuasive writing pieces, summaries, personal narratives)
    • Use proper grammar, spelling and writing conventions

    Word Study

    • Work with word patterns
    • Apply spelling strategies to written work


      • Explore concepts related to Mindset, Scientific Method,  Deer Deer Everywhere, Got Water, Toys



    Social Studies

    • The fifth grade program stresses the geographic, economic, and social/cultural understandings related to the Western Hemisphere, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Central, and South America. We will also build on and reinforce historic and political information about the United States.



    • Develop greater familiarity with numbers, decimals, fractions and their values
    • Demonstrate mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts
    • Explore and use time, measurement, money, estimation, geometry 
    • Develop problem solving skills
    • Communicate problem solving strategies orally and in writing

    * Mastering math facts will ensure students' success as they solve more complex math problems. Students will use problem solving strategies and explain their thinking and reasoning in written form using math vocabulary.  As per the New York State math standards, we will focus on the five content strands: Number Sense and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Probability & Statistics

    • Practice your basic addition and subtraction facts.
    • Practice your basic multiplication and division facts.

    Initiating the process of mastering math facts will help students become more confident math students.  It also allows them to focus more energy on the understanding of key math concepts.  Finally, it will save a great deal of time throughout the year when completing homework.