logo TEACHER: [Karen Mazurowski]
    PHONE: 716-407-9250


    About the Teacher: Thank you for visiting my website! I have been a teacher in the Clarence Central School District for 16 years .   I have taught kindergarten, first and second grades, with most of my experience in Grade 2. I have two children, Ben and Bridget. Ben is a college senior! Bridget just began her junior year at UB.  Time does fly. When I started as a teacher aide in 2003, Bridget was 2 and Ben was 3! The one sure thing in life is change and the movement of time.
    I hope I can make first grade memorable, so your child can look back on his/her elementary years and smile. There will be tangible products of writing and drawing that can jog their memory. 
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with your child.