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    PHONE: 716-407-9250 
    EMAIL: kfogarty@clarenceschools.org


    First grade is a great year of growth and learning! My name is Mrs. Vazquez and I am excited to tell you I will be your first grade teacher!  I just recently got married this summer so you may see Miss Fogarty until everything changes over to my new last name. I have been a teacher in the Clarence Central School District for 8 years and teaching for 12 years.  I have taught kindergarten, first, second and fourth grade. I am so excited to be teaching first grade this year! It is going to be a great year of learning and I am very happy to share this journey with both you and your child!

    We are kids hard at work! Listed below are highlights of our first grade curriculum:

    Language Arts

    Readers' Workshop (mini-lesson, independent practice,  small group work, sharing)   

    • Read Aloud
    • Shared Reading
    • Guided Reading/Reading Conferences
    • Independent Reading
    • Author Studies/Topical Studies    

    Word Study (Phonics & Spelling Instruction)

    • Review consonant sounds
    • Digraphs and Blends
    • Short Vowel Word Families
    • Long Vowels

    Writers' Workshop (mini lesson, independent practice/conferences, sharing)

    • Small Moments
    • Nonfiction Chapter Books
    • Review Writing
    • Realistic Fiction


    • Zaner-Bloser
    • Spacing
    • Formation



    • Addition and Subtraction-concepts and problem solving 
    • Number Patterns
    • Measurement
    • Surveys, Data and Representations
    • Fractions
    • Place Value
    • Time
    • Geometry
    • Math Fluency


    Social Studies
    • Citizenship
    • Self
    • Families
    • My community
    • Needs and wants
    • Beginning map skills



    • From Seeds to Plants
    • Earthworms
    • Animals and Habitats
    • Dental Health Care
    • Germs and diseases
    • Self-esteem
    • Nutrition
    • Safety