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    PHONE: 716-407-9250
    EMAIL: kspaschak@clarenceschools.org
    About the Teacher: 

    Important Home Learning Update:
    Hi everyone! I hope this finds you well. Please come to The Sheridan Hill gym on 3/18 from 8-3:00 to pick up students home learning materials. If you are unable to do so, please contact the front office and they will make other arrangments.  Please email me with questions and concerns as we navigate these unchartered waters together.  Starting on 3/18, please have students log on to Google classroom in the morning for updates. Thank you!
    Welcome, My name is Mrs. Spaschak and I Love Fourth Grade!
    I have been teaching in Clarence for many enjoyable years. Fourth grade is a wonderful grade and you are going to love it!!  It is a year filled with challenging learning, enjoyable activities, and lasting friendships.There are so many opportunities to experiment, create, problem solve and grow! I especially love Reader's Workshop and how independent and enthusiastic all of my students become as readers.

    Fourth Graders Are:
    Scientists, Musicians, Helpful, Authors, Expert Readers, Historians, Singers, Investigators, Kind and  Many, many  more...
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