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    PHONE: 716-407-9175
    EMAIL: jieda@clarenceschools.org

    About the Teacher:  1999 was my first year of teaching in Clarence and I've been the Elementary Orchestra Director ever since.  Outside of school, I play the violin professionally in several local orchestras, along with weddings, shows, and other gigs.   My wife and I live with our children in the Harris Hill Neighborhood.  When I'm not making or teaching music, I'm an avid sportsman, snowboarder, Jeeper and as of 2020, sailor of a Hobie 16.


    2015 Elementary Concert


    Welcome to the Clarence Elementary

    String Orchestra Program.

    Harris Hill; Sheridan Hill; Clarence Center; Ledgeview 

    Clarence students are afforded the opportunity to begin playing an instrument in 4th grade.  Students may choose an orchestral or band instrument and will receive instruction once a week in a group lesson for 30 minutes and afterschool in an ensemble.  Instruments can be rented from the school in the first year.  Cello and Bass may be rented subsequent years after.

    Expectations for students in the first year are to:

    • Learn care for their instrument.
    • Play with a good tone and with good posture.  Understand the basics of the bow hold and left hand fingering.
    • Learn the notes on their instrument in the keys of D and A major.
    • Begin to get the basics of music reading.
    • Memorize pieces and perform together in an ensemble.
    • Participate in the lesson group and orchestra in a respectful and appropriate manner.
    • Develop good practice/study habits and focus.
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