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    PHONE: 716-407-9175
    EMAIL: kgallagher@clarenceschools.org

    About the Teacher:  I have been a Physical Education teacher in the Clarence Central School District since 2001. 


    Its finally here.... virtual field day!

    Check it out!

    You can click on the link below and find the interactive virtual Field Day! You can click on any picture, and find something special to do or a message from your PE teacher.

    Field Day 2020

    Our Assessments-
    At the primary level, students are assessed in running, jumping, skipping, galloping, throwing, catching, kicking and striking.  These skills are very important in many sports and activities that children will use throughout their lives.    

       At the intermediate level, students are assessed in the Fitnessgram and various skill related tests. 

       We also place a large emphasis on fitness related components K-5.  We spend time working with each grade level on the importance of staying active and using these components to maintain their health.  

       Our goal is to make exercise a fun part of every child's life so that they will one day make the choice to be an active adult.
    We have so much fun!