TEACHER: Mr. Chase
    PHONE: 716-407-9250
    EMAIL: jchase@clarenceschools.org

    About the Teacher:  I have been a physical education  eacher in the Clarence Central School District since 2007. I also coach Varsity Wrestling ans JV lacrosse for the Clarence School District.  My hobbies include playing all types of sports, hunting, fishing and just spending time in the outdoors. 
                                                    Wrestling Sports
     Virtual Field Days
    Hello Sheridan Hill students and parents.Today is Friday, June 12th! It is our last day of school for the year! Have a great summer and see everyone in September!!

    All K-5: Track and Field Activities - our unit this time of year would be Track and Field events try to focus on the below events when you are able to be outside 

    They include:


    50 Meter Dash - measure out the distance on you lawn.  Make a starting and finish line.  Race with members of your family.  If you dont have enough space just make a shorter distance and practice the start and run as far as you can.

    100 Meter Dash - same as above but a little longer run

    50 meter Hurdles - same as above but put a small obstacle every 10 meters that you can easily jump over.  Try not to slow down as you jump over the hurdles during your practice.  If easier for space do one 10 meter obstacle and repeat it.

    Softball Throw - make sure you are in a safe area away from anything that the ball can hit.  Take a running start. Use a crow hop before you throw. Step with the opposite foot.  Follow through!

    Long Jump - 25 Meter run - one foot take off and two foot landing.  Mark a take off spot and jump from there


    Practice, Practice, Practice!!


    Our P.E. program-

    Grades K-1-2: will be assessed in Running, Jumping, Hopping, Galloping, Skipping, Throwing, Catching, Kicking and Striking 
    Grades 3-4-5: will be assessed in Fitness Activities PACER, Push Ups, Sit Ups, V-Sit Stretch and Trunk Lift as well as 50 Meter Dash, Endurance Run, Softball Throw, 30 second Basketball Shoot and 30 second Jump Rope
    This wide variety of assessment allows us to make valid assessment of each student.  District and National standards for these assessment items can be found on this website.

    We also place a large emphasis on fitness related components K-5.  We spend time working with each grade level on the importance of staying active and using these components to maintain their health.  

    Our goal is to make exercise a fun part of every child's life so that they will one day make the choice to be an active adult.