• logo TEACHER: Mr George Gilham
    PHONE: 716-407-9020 X1132 
    EMAIL: ggilham@clarenceschools.org

     The art classroom offers a place for students to have the opportunity to develop their skills in an atmosphere that offers a unique combination of academia and creative studies. I believe that each student is an individual, with his/her own creative potential, perception, and particular path of development. The ability for people to create and appreciate art in all facets is innate; I strive to nurture these abilities and encourage the growth and development of humanistic and aesthetic values.
    I have been an art teacher in the Clarence Central School District for over 20 years. I teach classes in Studio Art, Studio Sculpture and Advanced Placement Drawing. More information about these classes can be found on course information page. Additional, I'm also the adviser for National Art Honor Society. Information about NAHS can be found on the Clubs and Organizations page of the High School web site. 
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