• The Business Office is directly responsible for all financial management, budgeting, investment of funds, insurances, census, accounting, purchasing and compliance with Erie County, New York State and Federal reporting requirements.

    In addition, the department is generally responsible for the oversight of most non-instructional services such as: capital projects, Buildings and Grounds, Transportation, nursing services, food service, Community Education, enrollment, records management (including all Freedom of Information requests), Worker's Compensation, voting, residency issues, attendance, print shop, mail room, long-range planning, legal matters, and health, safety and wellness issues. 

    The District employs both an internal controls auditor and an internal claims auditor.  In addition an external audit is performed annually.

    Purchasing and contracting for all services, equipment and supplies are handled through this office in accordance with New York State regulations. The District maintains a list for mail distribution of requests for bids, quotes and proposals. Interested parties may apply to be included in these mailings, which are purged annually.

    Richard J. Mancuso
    Business Administrator
    (716) 407-9013
    CCSD Business Office
    9625 Main Street 
    Clarence, NY 14031
    Phone: (716) 407-9100 
    Fax: (716) 407-9126 
    Business Office Hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm                  
    Alexandria Valenti
    Secretary to Business Administrator
    (716) 407-9013
    Janice Stoll
    District Treasurer
    (716) 407-9011
    Elaine Horey
    General Information 
    (716) 407-9100
    Sharon Karl
    Deputy Treasurer / Accounts Receivable
    (716) 407-9016
    Alicia Braaten
    (716) 407-9018
    Kelly Hosken
    Accounts Payable
    (716) 407-9017
    Ashley Fohrd
    Community Education
    (716) 407-9001
    Kelly Kuzara
    (716) 407-9015