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     TEACHER: Mrs. Susan Bouchane
     PHONE: 716-407-9275
     E-MAIL: sbouchane@clarenceschools.org                                             
      About the Teacher:  Hello, my name is Susan Bouchane.  I have been a special education teacher in the Clarence Central School District since 2003.  As a Special Education Consultant Teacher, my aim is to help my students to be successful in the classroom.  I see many opportunities for growth and learning from "teachable moments" that happen in the regular education classroom every day.  I work with students in the areas of reading, writing, math, and behavior/social skills. 
    I am also a member of Ledgeview's RtI (Response to Intervention) team. Through RtI, I have the opportunity to work with many additional students to provide evidence-based intervention and re-teaching in skill areas identified by the classroom teacher.