• logo TEACHER: Mr. McKeehan
    PHONE: 716-407-9020
    EMAIL: rmckeehan@clarenceschools.org

    About the Teacher: 

    I feel that High School is one of the most important times in any student's life.  During this time, students develop an idea of who they are and what works best.  I encourage you to think about these two points and commit yourself to the process of discovering this information throughout the school year. 

    During the course of this year, I will guide your children in discovering the process of how to best acquire information, in the exploration of the the Algebra 1 curriculum or the Living Environment (Biology).  This process is not one that evolves over the period of one day, but is continually developed, on the premise of who each individual child is, what their strengths and needs are, and what strategies grant them the opportunity to learn best.

    Learning is a part of life.  By knowing who you are and how you learn best you can then actively work towards your goals.  I look forward to being a part of that process in making your children independent, life long, learners.

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