• BOE Liaisons to Schools - 2020-21 
     Board Member  Liaison Appointment
     Dawn Snyder  CSEF

    The Board of Education has decided not to name a specific school board member as a liaison to each PTO. However, all Board members will coordinate their schedules to attend as many PTO meetings as possible.

    ECSAB Committee Appointments - 2020-21

    James Boglioli  NYSSBA Voting Delegate
    Mary Beth Sweeney  Alternate NYSSBA Voting Delegate
    Tricia Andrews  ECASB Delegate Assembly Representative
    Dawn Snyder  Alternate ECASB Delegate Assembly Representative
    Michael Fuchs  ECASB Budget & Finance Team Representative
    Dennis Priore  Alternate ECASB Budget & Finance Representative
    Dennis Priore  ECASB Legislative Team Representative
    Joshua Lynch  Alternative ECSAB Legislative Team Representative