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    TEACHER: Mrs. Valerie Acee
    EMAIL:        Vacee@ClarenceSchools.org
    PHONE:       716-407-9150 (CC) 
     Dear Families,                                                                                                            

    I know that this is a daunting time.  You may have worries about how you will help your child with their schoolwork for the next few weeks.
    I completely understand that and have pulled together some resources for music class that I hope will not add to your burden at this time. 
    All of the materials for my general music and chorus classes will be posted on here on my webpage.

    On the Left side bar Clarence Center Students assignments will be found under:  CCES General Music
    Clicking on that will show the different grade levels.  When you click on a grade level you will get a weekly update with new materials each week.

    CCES 4th and 5th Grade Chorus: will open a page with audio recordings of our chorus songs, as well as lyric pages for the students to follow and sing along with.
     ** I do not have access to the chorus music right now as our building is locked, but I hope to get the chorus links recorded and posted by Thursday March 19th.

    Students in Grades K, 1, 2, and 3  come to the music room 1x  a week.
    I believe it is reasonable for me to ask that your child visit his/her grade level page on my web site 1x a week.

    Students in Grades 4 and 5  have General Music class 1x a week and chorus 1x a week.
    4th and 5th Grade Students should aim to visit my web page 1x a week for General Music and 1x a week for chorus

    My expectation is that students will try their best to visit the site as explained above and participate in the materials posted.
    Of course they may visit it more often, if they are so inclined.
    I will have a variety of links posted that will engage your child in review and practice of key elements we focus on in music class.

    In your resource packet from the school, you will find a LOG sheet that I would like the adult in charge at home, to fill out when your child participates in the music classroom activities. This sheet should be returned to school when we resume our normal routines.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me via email if there is any confusion or question about anything for music class.
    Looking forward to when we are all together again!

    Mrs. Valerie Acee


  • I am hearing from many that the music log may not have been sent home. 

    So I am attaching here. 

    If you can print it - great - 

    If not - please just keep a record of music activities/website visits during this time of online instruction. 


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  • Came across this link today. 

    LOTS of music pages on line for reinforcement of skills and fun. 

    If you work on any of these - keep a record  (write it in on your log) and share when we all get together again!




    Ultimate List of Music Sites

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