• Dear Parents,

    To be successful in school and in life, it is important that our children in grades 2 – 5 know their Math facts.  Extra Math fact practice over the summer will help a lot!  One way to practice is to use timed Math tests for students in grades 2 - 5.  We have timed Math worksheets that you can access on the left side menu and print the sheets as needed.

    We recommend that your son/daughter complete at least one worksheet per week during the summer.  Please time your child as he/she completes the entire worksheet.  Then record at the bottom of the worksheet how long it takes your child to finish all 100 facts.  Please correct your child’s work and give them positive feedback.  Your child should be able to complete these timed tests faster each week.  By the end of the summer your son/daughter should be able to complete each sheet within five minutes.

    You can also create a free summer math program at http://www.tenmarks.com/  Customized programs are available for children in grades 1 - high school and you can have up to 5 children on one account – for FREE!  If you had an account last summer you can use the same login information as you did last year to track your child's progress.

    We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to keep you son/daughter’s Math fact knowledge sharp over the summer.

    Thank you for your assistance with this extremely valuable assignment.


    Colleen Coggins