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     Global II 
       Grade 10 provides a snapshot of the world circa 1750. The course continues chronologically up to the present. Several concepts are woven throughout the course including industrialization, nationalism, imperialism, conflict, technology, and the connectedness to the world. The last three Key Ideas focus on global issues, applying a more thematic approach. Teachers should note that some Key Ideas may require extra time and attention. For example, 10.1 The World in 1750 is a brief introduction and will not require as much time as other Key Ideas. While the course emphasizes the importance of historical and spatial thinking, all of the social studies practices and standards are included in the study of global history and geography.
     United States History
     Grade 11 begins with the colonial and constitutional foundations of the United States and explores the government structure and functions written in the Constitution. The development of the nation and the political, social, and economic factors that led to the challenges our nation faced in the Civil War are addressed. Industrialization, urbanization, and the accompanying problems are examined, along with America’s emergence as a world power, the two world wars of the 20th century, and the Cold War. Students explore the expansion of the federal government, the threat of terrorism, and the place of the United States in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world.
     Participation in Government and Economics
    This course aims to provide students with opportunities to become engaged in the political process by acquiring the knowledge and practicing the skills necessary for active citizenship. Content specifications are not included, so that the course can adapt to present local, national, and global circumstances, allowing teachers to select flexibly from current events to illuminate key ideas and conceptual understandings. Participation in government and in our communities is fundamental to the success of American democracy.
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