•  schoology
    What is Schoology? 
    Schoology is an online platform that allows teachers to share content, manage academic courses, communicate with parents, and engage students beyond the classroom walls.

    How do students access Schoology? 
    All students at Clarence Middle School have Schoology accounts, and many of their teachers have chosen to use it for this school year. Directions for logging in to Schoology are available here

    How do parents access Schoology?
    Every student account  has a unique parent access code that will allow family members to create accounts and view relevant course information. Information regarding parent access to Schoology will be mailed home at the beginning of October.

    What if I can't log in to Schoology from home? Check this page for assistance logging in. If you still experience problems or need to reset your password, visit Mrs. Bork in the Library Media Center.  

    I keep getting an "authentication error." This error is likely because someone is currently signed in to other applications on the computer that use a Google account (such as a Gmail account). Either log out of that account and try again, or open a private browsing window and log in to Schoology from there. For private browsing instructions, click here