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    TEACHER: Mrs. Anna Amoia 

    PHONE: 716-407-9275

    EMAIL: aamoia@clarenceschools.org
    About the Teacher:
    Hello! My name is Anna Amoia. I have been teaching for four years as an elementary school teacher. This year, I am teaching third grade. In third grade, students will learn to become more responsible and independent. Let's explore all this school year has in store! :) 

    **School Closure Information** (March 2020) 

    Review packets were sent home with your child for reading, writing, and math.

    Answer keys and an outline were also sent home to use as a resource for parents.

    Parents will receive a weekly email from me on Mondays that may include additional information and resources.  

    Please click on the section "Classroom Links For Students" for links to educational websites and information on how to access the websites.

    This information will also be included in the weekly emails.

    Please contact me via email at aamoia@clarenceschools.org.