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    Live Streaming Glass Demonstrations: Watch on cmog.org or on The Corning Museum of Glass Facebook Page every Wednesday @ 10am

    Bring on the Heat: Cat Burns Live Stream Demonstration

    Bring on the Heat: Cat Burns Live Stream Demonstration, Wednesday, October 28th 2020 @ 10am



    The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is for students who have a strong personal interest in the Arts and are looking to expand their experiences in art related fields.

     skill set  


    ¤ The Academy is organized into three strands:

    Visual Arts Strand

    Performing Arts Strand

    Mixed Strand (Visual & Performing Arts)



    ¤ Application Process

    Current 9th grade students will be able to apply in October 2020

    • Interested students need to apply during the 9th grade academic year.

    • One NYSED approved Art credit should be completed by the end of 9th grade.

    • Transfer students could apply during Sophomore year, but would be required to take 2 AVPA credits for that year.


    Questions? E-mail:
    Academy Director of Visual Arts: Keri Graf @ kgraf@clarenceschools.org
    Academy Director of Performing Arts: Louis Vitello @ lvitello@clarenceschools.org

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