• logo TEACHER: Stephanie Aichinger

    PHONE: 716-407-9250

    EMAIL: saichinger@clarenceschools.org


    Welcome to kindergarten!  Teaching kindergarten has always been my passion, and it is a priority of mine to establish a love of learning for each child in our room.  This will be my fifth year teaching kindergarten and my second year at Sheridan Hill. I am looking forward to a wonderful year full of growth!


    N E W ! ! ! ! ! 

     Continuity of Learning:  During our school closure, you will find ALL online resources attached to our Google Classroom page. Plastic bags with resources to last you through the school closure have also been sent home.  Google Classroom is NOT mandadted, but I truly value the relationship with each student and would love the opportunity to interact virtually.


    To login in to google classroom you will need to use your child's school account.  Information for this is below:

    To sign into Google Chrome, Drive, Classroom, Docs, etc:
    Username: firstname.lastname@students.clarenceschools.org
    Password: initials plus four digit birthday (example: ge0101) 

    Below, you will find a link to a parent video guide to google classroom:

    Looking forward to seeing you all online :)