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    American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Return to Play Protocol

    There has been an update to the guidelines for returning to sports and physical education following COVID-19 infection. The initial recommendation was implemented approximately 10 months ago. It was previously aligned with the quarantine requirements from the NYSDOH and CDC. While the new guidelines modify some age-related aspects of the AAP protocol, they have not modified the 10-day requirement.

    Here are the new guidelines as of 1/20/22

    Physical Education Requirements:

    • Students 12 and older with mild cases do not require a return to play visit to resume physical education. Those with moderate/severe cases will require a 'return to play' visit and release form to return to physical education.
    • Students 5-12 do not require a return to play visit to resume physical education.

    Interscholastic Athletic Requirements:

    • Students 12 and older who participate in competitive sports/high-intensity exercise do require a ‘return to play’ visit.

    The decision on the symptom significance will be determined by your pediatrician.  

    All ‘return to play’ visits must take place at least 10 days from the positive test or symptom onset.  

    Click here for the release form we would expect from your Doctor's office.


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