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It’s summer music lesson planning time!

Build your child’s music or vocal skills during the summer months!

July 1 – August 9

1) Read the parent packet,

2) complete the online application form from the link below, and

3) mail the check by May 17 (extended to May 23). If you haven't mailed the check, please do so now so the teacher can call you and schedule the lessons. Thank you!

2024 Clarence Summer Music Lesson Parent Packet - amended 5/21 for page 3, list of teachers

2024 Clarence Summer Music Lesson Program Form


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Each year, the Erie County Music Educators Association (ECMEA) holds a conference to engage in professional learning. To showcase the talent that exists in the region, the organization typically selects one or two student groups to perform for its members. I’m pleased to share that this past week, the ECMEA invited Mr. Vitello and the High School Wind Ensemble to perform four different pieces. The best part? For the fourth and final piece, Mr. Vitello invited the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s legendary Maestro JoAnn Falletta to conduct our students. As they played a movement from Alberto Ginastera’s ballet Estancia, the whole room of educators were blown away by the expertise of our Red Devil Musicians. For a taste of what ECMEA members heard, check out this video from the performance.

Teachers Heidi and C.Douglas Kohler, center right, hold up a certificate announcing their selection as Educators of the Year

CONGRATULATIONS! Heidi and Doug Kohler have received the first ever “Educator of the Year Award” from the Clarence Chamber of Commerce!


A group of seven Clarence High School students will join some of the most talented high school musicians from across the state at the New York State School Music Association’s Winter Conference in Rochester. 

The students selected for All-State musical ensembles during the conference, running from November 30 to December 3, include Justin Fan (clarinet), Samantha Gawron (violin), Lucy Hereth (percussion), Victoria Ieda (horn), Caroline Johnson (clarinet), Laura Kreher (horn) and Marissa Persons (oboe). Five additional students were chosen as alternates for the event. 

Louis Vitello, music department chairman for the Clarence Central School District, said the number of students selected was higher than usual, and credited the dedication of students and music instructors across school buildings. Vitello also noted that the selected students represent both the Clarence High School Wind Ensemble and the Orchestra. 

“It's a nice verification that what our faculty works towards is paying off, especially through the pandemic,” said Louis Vitello, music department chairman for the Clarence Central School District. “As a district, we worked really hard to make sure our students didn't lose out on instruction.”

The students’ selections come following auditions in the spring, and the conference will challenge students with a whirlwind of high-level rehearsals leading into a concert on Sunday, December 3. Being a part of the ensemble can help students connect with other talented musicians from different communities and backgrounds. 

“They bring a whole different perspective to the ensemble,” Vitello said. “It's a nice way for them to meet their peers and perform at a very high level.”

The All-State selections, reserved for juniors and seniors, becomes a major goal for students as they develop as musicians. 

“This is something that students look forward to when they come to high school,” Vitello said. “It's really a milestone that students try to achieve.”

For more than 10 years, the Clarence Central School District has received the Best Communities for Music Education award from the NAMM Foundation, which reflects schools that demonstrate exceptionally high levels of commitment and access to music education.

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