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Ledgeview Elementary School Nurse Supports Student, Staff Wellness

Ledgeview Elementary School Nurse Supports Student, Staff Wellness

Students and staff at Ledgeview Elementary School know they will receive more than medical treatment when they visit the health office of nurse Barbara Attea-Ludwick. They’ll also receive a smile, and maybe a laugh to go with it.

“I really love the kids,” Attea-Ludwick said. “They’re fun, they’re funny and you laugh everyday.”

May 8 is National School Nurse Day, which celebrates the role that nurses play in ensuring the  physical and mental health wellness of students. Attea-Ludwick is one of the eight nursing staff members across the Clarence Central School District. 

Attea-Ludwick has been the school’s full-time nurse for the last six months, after being a substitute nurse at the school for five years. Her work as a school nurse is part of a 35-year career as a nurse and nursing teacher that has come in a variety of settings. Attea-Ludwick said that she went into nursing because she wanted to help others.

“I love being able to help someone and help them feel better,” she said.

The school is a place with fond memories for Attea-Ludwick, whose two children attended the school before going on to graduate from Clarence High School. Her enthusiasm for her students can be seen through her office, including the pieces of student artwork and letters from students on the wall near her desk.

“It’s so rewarding,” Attea-Ludwick said. “I go home everyday knowing I helped someone.”

In addition to the connections she’s built with students and staff, Attea-Ludwick said she liked her role’s consistent hours and schedule, giving her more time to spend with family.

“It’s a happy nursing job,” she said. “I’m going to stay here until I can’t work anymore.”

Barbara Attea-Ludwick
A student note to Ledgeview Elementary School nurse Barbara Attea-Ludwick.