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Summer Math

Math Websites for Practice

Below you will find a variety of wonderful web-based resources to practice math facts.  Have fun exploring them and practicing! - create a free summer math program for your child in grade 1 - high school.  Can have up to 5 children on one account.   Flash card game for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  - math baseball game  -math games for 8 year olds.   Play basketball, soccer and Jeopardy as you practice your multiplication and addition facts   Practice your math facts with games, such as Hidden Pictures, Concentration and Planet Blaster   An ‘amusement park’ of math and more . . .  designed for fun!   A plethora of math games for all grade levels.  Math games for the whole family.  Lots of games, games, games!  Soduko, Concentration, Cup Stacking, Time Travel, Build a Toy Car and Tangrams just to name a few. A web site for the entire family – addition games, multiplication games, memory games, logic games, puzzles, etc. WOW! Tons of games including Turkey Terminator, Math Frog multiplication and Turbo Skid division.  This site also includes games for telling time, fractions, addition, decimals and money.  Scooby Doo and Cyborg multiplication. Double WOW! Website  A big, orange website!  Games galore for kids in pre-k thru grade 8.  Drag the answer over the equation and uncover a cool picture.  You’ve got to be quick for this one!  Strengthen your addition facts.  How fast can you calculate your math facts?   Learn fun trivia facts while playing games.  - timed multiplication game.  Are you ready for the challenge?   - includes skater math, dress up math and seesaw logic  Johnnie’s Math Page - another fabulous website for the whole family.  -  Yes, Youtube!  Youtube has many math games that are explained to you by a person.  This one is called  “Arithmetic Bingo”   Try “Treasure Hunt” and “Code 13” are a lot of fun.