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Library Procedures, Expectations, and Guidelines


  • Students must report to scheduled study hall prior to coming to the library
    • Students will be dismissed from study hall
    • Students MUST have a pass to enter the library
    • During lunch periods students will need a pass to come to the library
  • Students will sign in using the CHS Library Digital Sign-In Google Form
    • Links on Schoology, Clever and QR Code
    • Students must sign-in for study hall attendance
    • Complete all questions on the form
  • Maximum of about 30 students will be allowed in the library
    • 2 Students allowed at the round tables
    • 4 Students allowed at the long tables



  • Students are expected to have a specific, directed, and productive learning purpose
    • Examples:
      • Reading and studying
      • Researching and using library databases
      • Completing classroom assignments
      • Using library technology (PCs, Chromebooks, Content Creation Kits)
      • Playing chess or coloring quietly
  • More expectations (from the Student Handbook):
    • Work quietly
      • The library is a large shared space and sound travels between upper and lower levels
    • Come prepared
    • Remain on task
    • Have respect for students, library staff, supervising teachers, and library materials (books, magazines) and equipment (computers, laptops, Chromebook)